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Toronto Glass Door. When looking for a highly qualified Door Repair service to help you with your glass door repair Toronto, call us now!

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Glass Door Repair Toronto

Glass Door Repair Toronto

We know how important it is to keep you safe and that is our top priority.

Therefore, We Locksmith Toronto, make sure to provide you with the best service we can. Our Door Repairers are the best in the field and we make sure to have only the best you can get.

Our Door Repairers understands that sometimes timing can be crucial if it is for your safety or the safety of your family or business.

Hens, we have highly qualified Door Repairers to give you service any time of the day at the fasts response time in Toronto.

In addition, we make sure to have the best most affordable rates.


Insured & Bonded

We understand that impotence of the matter and the importance of your well being. Therefore, we make sure our Door Repairers are insured and licensed.

Although our work dose does not stop there, we make sure our Door Repairers are patient and kind. They will provide you with the best and most affordable service there is around the clock.

Furthermore, Our dispatch centre is as well around the clock, making sure you always get you help and never stay alone in these situations.


Want to do it yourself?

here are the steps to replacing the glass in a glass door:

  1. measure the pane for the new piece of the glass
  2. us a stiff-blade putty knife to take off the wood stops.
  3. carefully remove the broken glass from the door
  4. scrape off the old glazing compound from the opening
  5. lay a thick amount of glaze compound in the opening
  6. secure it with glazing points after pressing the glass into the compound.
  7. Reattach with wire brads the wooden stops
  8. tap brads below the wood’s surface Using nailset and hammer
  9. Scrape off excess glaze

Still having problems? leave it to professionals!

If you are still having trouble no worries we have your back! just call now and we will help with any problem and answer any questions on our 24-hour dispatch center.


(416) 900 0314

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