Security for vacation! Tips

Security for vacation!

Finally, after a whole year passed, you’re going on a summer vacation! You’re ready to pack your family and hit the road. But, did you consider using some safety measure to protect your home while you’re gone?

During summer vacation, more people suffers from break in’s, and burglary incidents. In fact, there are more burglary cases during the summer than any other time the year.

However, there’re ways to help keeps your property safe even when you’re gone for vacation. We, at Locksmith Toronto, put together some tips to help secure your property during vacation.

Security tips

Our Tips to keep your home safe during summer vacation:

Check your security before leaving

Make sure all of your locks are properly working before leaving. You should check both doors and the windows, to assure you have maximum security. Also, you should consider a security system. Even the simplest one can prevent a break in while you’re away.

Ask for someone you trust to visit your property

If you already asked a friend to come over and water your plants, ask them to help securing the house. For example, ask them to empty your bins, pick up some garbage from your lawn, collect the mail, etc. Moreover, making it look like there’s someone in the house, help keeps the burglars away.

Leave a light on

Leave a light on that’s visible from the outside to make it look like there’s someone in the house. If the house stays dark through all the time you’ll be gone, it might draw the burglars over.

 Take care of the yard

Clean up the yard from any garbage or dirt. Lock up all bicycle and toys you usually have laying around. Put away any work tool you have in the yard. The bottom line is to make it harder for a person to steal your belongings while you’re away.

In conclusion, following those tips can help reduce the chances of your property to be broken into while you’re away. However, it’s not a promise that you won’t get robbed.

In case you’re facing a break in and looking for a locksmith service to come and change your locks, Locksmith Toronto is here for you! We offer 24/7 locksmith service for all locksmith required situations, and at the best prices!

Feel free to contact us at all time for any more questions, or if you wish to use our services. Remember – We are here for you at all times!