How we keep our customers safe during COVID19

With a worldwide epidemic going on, some people prefer not to use any professional services because they’re afraid. Moreover, as a result to people staying at their homes, all services are less required. However, there’re some cases when you have to call a service.Moreover, using a locksmith service can make you feel scared. Having someone you don’t know, that probably has been in several locations, can be intimidating.

We at Locksmith Toronto understand that fear and want’s to help calm you down. Our technicians takes all safety measure possible and following the rules. Whether if it’s wearing a mask or gloves, or keeping some distance from you, they’re doing everything they can to keep you safe. Furthermore, we remain available 24/7 even now. We want to be able to help and keeping our customers safe and secure.

Also, please remember that we are here to help with any problem at all times. Our technicians are mobile and available at times to come over and repair the problem. We know how urgent your problem is (House/car lockout, Lock change or repair, cutting new car keys, mail box/safe, etc.), and we’ll do our best to repair it ASAP. In addition, our prices remains the same through this crazy time. You can use our service without having to worry about paying outrages price.

customers safe

What are the actions we take to keep our customers safe?

Safety Measures:

All of our technicians are using any safety measures that’re required. They make sure to use a mask, gloves and thermometer on every job. In addition, feel free to ask them if you can measure their temperature with their arrival.

Following the rules:

All of our technicians are following any rule and limitation that’s been published. Whether if it’s keeping a social distance, cleaning and disinfecting their tools before every job, etc. Also, besides cleaning up after they’re done, you can ask them to disinfect their working area at you property. We want you to feel safe physically and emotionally.

Please have no fear to contact us if you need our service. We’re taking all actions to keep our customers safe and secure at all times.

Locksmith Toronto can help with any lock problem related – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.