Keypad lock

As a property owner, your main goal is securing it at the highest of levels. One way to do it, is by choosing the most secure and reliable lock product.

Today, there are so many different options for a lock! You have Padlocks, deadbolts, single and double cylinder, locks in handles, electronic locks, smart locks, keypad lock and more!

So, which one you should chose for your security? That depends on your budget and security purposes, but you should consider choosing a keypad lock.

Keypad lock

What is a keypad Lock and how does it work?

A keypad lock is a keyless door smart lock, that’s designs to give a property more control of his security. The lock uses a digital combination of numbers to grant access. Furthermore, this lock allows you to enjoy the freedom of not needing a key! You don’t have to worry about losing them, or for them to get copied without you know ever again!

The Advantages of Using a Keypad Lock

Upgrade Your Home Security

The keypad lock security system uses an advanced technology that helps secure the property. Any person who would try to enter will have to know the digital code of the lock. That way, you can have more control on who has the means to enter to your property (by choosing who to share the code with).

In addition, this kind of lock is pick and bump proof. By choosing this lock you can sleep better at night, knowing the chances of someone breaking in are smaller than with a regular lock.

Easy Installation

This kind of lock is considered relatively easy to install. The installation process usually doesn’t take much effort or a lot of time. Although you can try installing it yourself (and maybe succeeding), you should use the help of a professional locksmith service.

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Longer Durability

Over time, traditional lock and keys wear down. It can get more difficult to get it to turn and properly function. Most people come across it when they have to juggle the key to get it to work, or when they need to find a solution because the key broke inside.

The keypad Lock lasts longer than traditional lock because in order to use them, you don’t need to take the keys in and out several time. All you need to do is to write down your digital combination and you’re in!

The repetitive action of entering the key into the lock and the fraction happening as a result, is what’s causing for a lock to wear down.

Easy changeable entry codes

Unlike traditional lock, in this lock you can easily change the “key”. Once you feel your digital code isn’t secured any more, you can change it by yourself with no need of a professional help! Changing the key of a traditional lock (Re-Key), is a more complex action, which you have to use a locksmith service help to it.

More so, if you moved into a new house where the lock are a keypad type of locks, you don’t have to be afraid that anyone else but you will have an access! You can simply change the digital combination of the lock.

In conclusion, you should consider using a keypad lock to secure your property.

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