Car Ignition Damage Prevention Tips

Car Ignition Damage Prevention and care!

Imagine this: You’re in your car, ready to leave for work, trying to start the car, but the ignition won’t start. Or the key doesn’t enter at all, or not turning. There are many problem your ignition can have. But the bottom line is that you’re stuck and need to find a way to fix the problem. Car ignition damage isn’t something to dismiss, and needs to be handled ASAP.

The best option to solve this problem is to call a locksmith service. Locksmith Toronto can come over and repair your ignition on the spot and in the best prices. Moreover, we’ll be in your location within 20 minutes from the moment you called.

However, there’re some action you can do I order to prevent it from happening. We, at Locksmith Toronto want’s to help out and be an assistant to anyone who needs us.

car ignition damage

Tips on car ignition damage prevention

Use gentle touch:

It might sounds easy – simply don’t force the keys inside the barrel. However, sometimes you don’t even notice. You’re having an important phone call, or trying to get the kids to calm down – your head is elsewhere. If the key isn’t entering the barrel, try taking it out and try again gently. Maybe you have the wrong keys or you didn’t place it right. Whatever you do, don’t force it in or you might be causing damage to the barrel and the ignition.

In addition, if your wheel is lock and you can’t enter the key, try rotating the wheel to one side and enter the key.

Furthermore, if your car won’t start don’t force it to start. Don’t hold the key in the barrel and try to ignite the car. It causes a lot more damage to ignition than you think.

Make sure you have the right set of keys

You’ll be surprised how often it happened. You have 2 cars, and you’re on a hurry to leave. You grab the wrong keys without even looking and try to start the car. After you tried several times, you’re trying to figure out what’s wrong, and only then you’ll notice that it’s the wrong key. Forcing the wrong keys to the barrel will only ruin it and won’t start the car.

Remove any items from the car keys:

Excess item adds weight to the car key and as result pull it down when it’s in the barrel. Over time, and because of the unnecessary weight, you’ll find yourself facing barrel and ignition damage.

In conclusion, if you follow this tips there’s a high chance you can prevent any car ignition damage from happening.

However, if you do have this kind of situation contact us! Locksmith Toronto is here to help at all times and with any ignition problem.