Mailbox lock Change

Mailbox Lock Change

When I was little I remember my uncle walking for miles and miles to each and every house delivering everyone’s mail into their mailbox that was either beside their door or just at the beginning of each driveway.

Boy, have times changed! In an effort to be more efficient and save money on postal stamps, we now have new community mailboxes or CMBs to get our mail from.

Mailbox Lock
Mailbox Lock

Mailbox Lock Change

Why Would you Need to Change Your Mailbox Lock?

  1. You lost your last key!
  2. You just moved into a new place and you need a new key so the last owners will not have access to your mail.
  3. Suddenly the lock just stopped working!! (Unfortunately, this DOES happen). Sometimes they freeze up. Sometimes they just plain get old.

Mailbox Lock Change

Yes, we Can!

All we would need from you is to show us an official form of identification, as well as a copy of mail to that address with your name on it, and we will be able to service your mailbox.

We need to make sure, without a doubt, you are the real owner before we can start changing the locks out.

The service usually takes under 20 minutes to complete.

All you have to do is call Locksmith Toronto at (416) 900 0314.

24 Hour Mailbox Lock Change

Customers are always advised to test out their new locks out while we’re standing there to ensure satisfaction with the service.

In any case, we are the fastest service to deal with. We charge a $15 service call fee and that takes care of our locksmith’s gas to get to your address. Then there’s an additional charge of $35 and up the same price as the post office!

You get your mail ASAP, instead of waiting for Canada post to get around to it.

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