Why are locksmith so important?

Locksmith service Break-in emergency Why are locksmith so important?

Why are locksmiths so important? In this ever changing world and since the beginning of the lock and key, we have had to secure our home and property from the outside world. Albeit, sometimes things can go awry and the services of a locksmith are required. Locksmiths are valued members of a community that will […]

After hours locksmith

toronto-locksmith-service After hours locksmith

After hours Locksmith Many locksmith services require after hours response due to the nature of the industry! For example, many car lockouts can happen at the most inconvenient times and places. Many in the world today are working late and overnight hours thus causing daytime issues in the evenings or overnight hours.  After hours car […]

Break-in recovery

prevent Break-in Break-in recovery emergency Break-in recovery

Break-in recovery for your business Break-in recovery is unfortunate, but necessary! Well, your here now and the police have been called. Your best options are to follow a plan. Overall, getting you back on track and your business back to running smoothly! Moreover and for the moment, you will want to get your business secured. […]

Storm door locks

Toronto Locksmith Storm door locks Locksmith Emergencies

Storm Door Locks Storm Door or screen doors can range from reasonable to expensive. Either way they are an expense and you expect them to last a long time. Although, after a few years you may notice a problem with the lock, handle or latching. Such an issue as this is easily fixed and doesn’t […]

Bought the lock

5 best locks Bought the lock

Bought the lock and need it installed? You’ve bought the lock for your home or business and need it installed. Our locksmith will come right away and provide this service for you. Maybe your have tried to install it yourself and it’s not fitting or got more complicated than expected. Don’t panic, we can send […]

Break-in emergency

Locksmith service Break-in emergency Why are locksmith so important?

Break-in Emergency – What to do? Break-in A break-in emergency for your home or office can be a very traumatic event! It can derail your living or business and take away your peace of mind. Locksmith Toronto understands the trauma and has the experience to help you through it! Most importantly, we offer a 24/7 […]

Mobile Locksmith Toronto

locksmith toronto storm door locks

Mobile Locksmith Toronto & the GTA Mobile Locksmith service is ideal for all you home and business security needs! A good mobile service will come fully stocked and be able to help you on the spot!  As their technician are already out on the road and a good mobile locksmith service will have locksmith stationed and […]

Lock picking and bumping

Locksmith near me Lock installation

Locks and Security Although, having locks that can be picked or bumped is ideal if you are locked out, it does leave your home more vulnerable to thieves and burglary. Almost all locks can be picked, although some are harder than other and take more time. Lock bumping is a technique use to open your […]

Lock Installation

Locksmith near me Lock installation

Lock Installation Overall, a fresh lock installation to a new door or adding an extra lock involves a lot more work than a simple lock change. Especially, if holes need to be drilled. Fresh Lock Installation Procedure Step 1 is to select the type of lock you would like for your new door. Otherwise, for […]

Deadbolt Smart Lock

Best Locks Deadbolt Smart Lock

Deadbolt Smart Lock Deadbolt smart locks – Looks like a deadbolt and works like a deadbolt! Although, they have sized the extras down! Such as, the electrical and the fingerprint and even the voice activation and remote access tech. Smart locks are getting smaller and have all the new features inside. If you like to […]