Bought the lock and need it installed?

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You’ve bought the lock for your home or business and need it installed. Our locksmith will come right away and provide this service for you. Maybe your have tried to install it yourself and it’s not fitting or got more complicated than expected. Don’t panic, we can send a technician out right away, at Locksmith Toronto, to finish it off! Sometimes, a lock may not fit the door or line up with the previous lock’s strike plate. Other times, it may be the the hole in the door needs to be wider. Locksmith Toronto can provide this type of fitting in one shot with our mobile locksmith service. No appointment needed, just call and a technician will be sent immediately. 

Types of Locks

There are many new styles of locks and locking system that you may want or have purchase and that you might be unfamiliar with. Such as, fingerprint locks, remote access locks, Siri and Alexis locks, key pad locks and others. Upgrading your locks to newer and more convenient style is a great idea! Thus giving you easier access near and far and allowing greater control and monitoring of your property. Moreover, these new styles are a great options if you care to Airbnb your property or your have a change in tenants. As easy as changing a code or giving access. 

Moreover, while trying to increase your security, you have decided to add a peephole or extra locks. A deadbolt in concert with a standard lock is ideal. Or a combination lock and handle set. Furthermore, many are adding internal security locks to assist with the care of elderly loved ones and their safety. 

Locksmith Toronto

Locksmith Toronto can provide service to install any lock or lock system you’ve purchased or finish off any project that you are stuck on. Moreover, we can offer advise and suggestion to improve your home or business security! Call now for same day service and fast response time!

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