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Although, having locks that can be picked or bumped is ideal if you are locked out, it does leave your home more vulnerable to thieves and burglary. Almost all locks can be picked, although some are harder than other and take more time. Lock bumping is a technique use to open your lock with a malleable key that suit it. Thus, gently turning the cylinder to unlock your door. Most locksmiths will use either of these methods to help you in the case of a house lockout. But are there other options for locks that can’t be bumped or picked and will also help you avoid a lockout.

Modern Lock Options

Best Locks

Overall, the lock industry has moved into the future. Offering many new ways to lock up and secure your home. Moreover, they offer better security and can help you avoid lock picking and lock bumping thieves, which is becoming more of a trend for home break-ins. 

Modern lock options are vast and include remote access via voice or cell, fingerprint or key pad and more. Furthermore, you can choose the new modern locks with the hidden key entry point. Thus, making your locks look like keyless locks and deter any picking or bumping. Moreover, any of these style of modern locks also come with a camera option, if you so choose. Thus, allowing you to keep an eye on who comes and goes, whether at home or away!

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