Security Sliding glass door locks and latches

Security for your sliding glass door

Security Sliding Glass door. There are many new and more secure options available for your sliding glass door. All of them better than the old familiar, cut in half, hockey stick. Sliding glass doors are the most vulnerable and best entry point for would be thieves. Often, they give a good view of the inside of your home. Furthermore, they assist in letting a thief determine if anyone is at home. Although, there are many new and effective security options for your sliding glass door. 

Sliding glass door hardware

Over all , latches and handle locks and even automatic unlocking and opening systems, sliding door security has stepped it up and offers better alternatives for keeping your home safe and secure. 

New types of hardware

The standard type has been upgraded from the hockey stick option and offers a stick and lock screw. 

Next, there are many varieties of the hook lock. As well, there is the transparent safety child lock or the stick on child lock and alarm.

Furthermore, sliding doors handles can be changed into a keypad lock, a remote cell phone lock or even a fingerprint access lock. 

Moreover, there are a myriad of latches and track locks, in many styles that can be used depending on what would fit your particular type of sliding door. As well, a quick attach security lock that can be attached and removed easily. Ultimately, a great idea for overnight security or for vacation security. 

By far, the most impressive sliding door lock is the remote opening and locking system which will open the sliding door for your pets to come in and out with a button or cell phone. 

Locksmith Toronto Service

Locksmith Toronto Service can assist or install any style of sliding door lock, latch or track system that you would like. Furthermore, we have same day service and fast emergency response due to a break-in or vandalism. Call us now and we can properly secure your sliding door.

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