Storm Door Locks

Storm Door or screen doors can range from reasonable to expensive. Either way they are an expense and you expect them to last a long time. Although, after a few years you may notice a problem with the lock, handle or latching. Such an issue as this is easily fixed and doesn’t require a door replacement. If the door is still in great shape then changing the lock is a good and inexpensive option. Internal mechanisms can be the first to go or a misalignment with the latch. Changing the storm door or screen door lock can be an easy DIY project, if you are handy! Any Home Depot will carry these styles of locks.

Furthermore, they will come with instructions on how to change them. Many style of storm door locks are available to purchase. You can switch your door to a lock and key or add an interior and separate latch. Moreover, you can change to a smart lock, even for a storm or screen door. Such as a fingerprint, keypad or remote access lock. 

locksmith toronto storm door locks

Locksmith Toronto

Locksmith Toronto is available at a moment’s notice if you are having any troubles with your DIY lock changes or repairs. We can provide the storm or screen door lock and install it, or install a lock that you have already purchased. As well, we are happy to finish off your DIY project!

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