Rekey your rekeyable lock

Rekey a rekeyable lock

You have a rekeyable lock and need to change the keys. How to do it? You may have kept the instruction or not. If not, it is still possible to rekey the lock. Whether, you installed it yourself or had it installed by a locksmith, it will not be too difficult to rekey. 


Rekey - How to do it

If you’ve manage to retain the small key for your rekeyable lock this will be very easy! Although, different brand name locks are not always rekeyed in the same manner. Generally, this is how it is done.

  1. First, with the door opened, put the working key in the lock and turning it clockwise, 1/4 a turn. 
  2. Now, the lock should be in the lock position. 
  3. Then you would insert the small key above it into the small hole. 
  4. At this point you remove the key and instead insert the new key you want to switch to. 
  5. Next, you use the new key and turn to the unlock position.

Essentially, there you have it! Lastly, you would want to check the old key to see if it still works. Usually, it doesn’t but for keys with a very similar cut, it is possible that it could! 

Overall, once you have rekeyed the lock, you can rest assured that there are no phantom keys out there.

Rekeying with the original key

Also, if you have lost all the keys to a lock, still, it can be possible to set the lock up to a new key! If you have any knowledge about locks and rekeying you may be able to do this yourself. I does require taken out the entire cylinder and changing the pins to fit the new key. 

Otherwise, it would be best to hire a locksmith as this is not an easy task. Most locksmiths charge a reasonable price for rekeying locks and it is much less expensive the changing the lock entirely. Furthermore, a locksmith will be able to rekey most locks whether they are smart locks or standard locks to high-security locks. Call Locksmith Toronto Service for commercial or residential lock rekey service. 

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