Lost your car key

Lost your car key?

Lost or misplaced your car keys! First and foremost, don’t panic! Things to consider? Maybe you have misplaced them. Usually, this is the case. Retrace your steps and take some time to think. your car keys usually turn up! Further, maybe you have a spare, somewhere. Otherwise, if you’ve looked high and low and can’t find them, you may have to get a new set. 

How do you go about getting a new set of car keys? First of all, this will depend on the type and year of the vehicle. Most but not all, high-end vehicles can be dealer only for having a key made. If you have a vehicle 10 years old or less the dealer may be able to make you a key and remote. Mostly, the type of key will make a difference in the price. Whether, it is a push start or a key start and the type of combination remote and key. 

Car lockout Locksmith Services

Lost car key - Car Key Replacement

First, you would call the dealer for at least a price point. Then it is suggested that you call around to a locksmith service and check if they can make you a key, on the spot! If they don’t make the car key for your vehicle for any reason, it’s time to call a locksmith. Toronto Locksmith Service can quote you on the phone and come to your location to make you a car key and remote and program it, right away! Furthermore, it may be that the keys or the spare are locked in the vehicle. Toronto Locksmith Service can come out and provide you with a car lockout service, immediately!

E-bikes and motorcycles

A key made for your e-bike (scooter) or a motorcycle can be tricky! First suggestion is to call the manufacturer. They can refer a service or find a business (dealer) that would provide a new key. Otherwise, locksmith service may be the best option that you have. 

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