Lost your key?

Lost your key? for your home or office

Locksmith Toronto Lost your key?

Lost your key? Can you get a new key for an existing lock, without a key to copy from? Otherwise, is it ideal or recommended that you should change the lock, entirely? Many options do exist in regards to this scenario. Mostly, they would depend on the type of lock that you have! First of all, it would mostly depend on the age and worthiness of the lock. Perhaps, it would be better just to change an old and worn out lock, completely. Furthermore, the price of the lock is also a factor. If it the same to change it out, then you will have a new lock. As well, who knows where the missing key is? Ultimately, this would be the main consideration. Although, having mentioned all that, what if the lock was costly and still in great condition. Furthermore, it’s a fingerprint or key pad lock that is still operating smoothly. Regardless, if changing out the lock is the best idea for you, call us now at Locksmith Toronto.

High-end or high security locks

Otherwise, for high-end or high security locks it is the best idea to have a key fabricated. Most of these types of locks come with a key code. Thus, making it easy for a locksmith to provide you with a key. After all, these locks still operate without a key. Therefore, it is recommended that a key be available incase the lock batteries die or the other access points fail. 

How a Key is made

Essentially, a locksmith would distress a different key so that the metal is soft and insert it into the lock and move it from side to side. Thus producing slight cuts in the key. Then the cuts would be filed down to work in the lock. As you can guess, this is not exactly the best way to secure your home or property! Although this would do in the event of a keypad, remote access or fingerprint lock, as a back up. Furthermore, a locksmith would be able to make a proper key for your lock if it has a key code. 

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