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Deadbolt smart locks – Looks like a deadbolt and works like a deadbolt! Although, they have sized the extras down! Such as, the electrical and the fingerprint and even the voice activation and remote access tech. Smart locks are getting smaller and have all the new features inside. If you like to go slightly larger you can also get a camera and a hidden key entry and voice activation. So many new options exist today in the world of household locks. Keeping your family and property ever so much safer, in a changing world! 

Moreover, these new style of locks can be used for commercial applications. Office doors, rental units or Airbnb’s making access convenient for all! 

Types of Smart Locks

Keyless entry and mobile apps. allow you to unlock and lock your door without a key. Overall, offering the ease of allowing someone entry or locking up if you forgot, all the while not a home. 

Keypad entry is a viable option, which allows you to give family the code and change the code easily if compromised.

Fingerprint locks are genius and can map a whole family of prints. Overall, this is the most secure option. 

Voice activation via your cell phone or on sight is handy in the cold winter months. 

Moreover, all of these features can be had in a new style of deadbolt smart lock and no one would know to look at it! 

Moreover, these new type of locks make it easier to keep your home safe and offer notifications. Thus allowing you to know when the kids are home or who is in the office. 

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