Fingerprint Locks

Fingerprint Locks


Fingerprint Locks! The future of security is bright and more secure than ever. Overall, many great options for fingerprint locks are available. Moreover, they are a great security measure for the home or office. Offering the options of a few fingerprints or many! Check out the most popular fingerprint locks on the market! 

Fingerprint Locks Types

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Smart Doors

Optimally, any door can be a smart door, these days. Overall, the field of security has better and more secure locks that can be traded out and used on any door styles. Main doors, garage doors and glass doors. Ultimately, any door that needs the best security! 


Fingerprint Locks with added bluetooth control. Ideally, this will allow you to provide access for a guest or family. Ultimately, it is always a great idea to have double access options. 

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks will provide an extra layer of security. In the instance of many users, for the home or business, electronic automatic locks are a great option. In many ways, they help keep the premises more secure. As well, they will lock up automatically thus avoid any human error. But beware, having another access option is key, in order to avoid a lockout!

Fingerprint with Key

Although, it looks like the key is going out of fashion, it’s always advisable to have a key access on any type of lock. Important reason being, that a manual access point comes in handy, if you’ve lost your phone or your print is not being read properly. Furthermore, regularly changing the lock battery is often forgotten and is key to maintain the features of accessing the lock.

Commercial Uses

Overall and most often, businesses will use card system or FOB’s for the main access for their employees. Although, in practice, it would be time consuming and difficult to constantly change out employees fingerprints. Otherwise, fingerprint locks would be ideal for individuals’ offices or rooms that you would like to restrict access. 

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Locksmith Toronto specializes in the installation of fingerprint and many other types of locks for commercial or residential applications. 

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